Product Design

Our priority is understanding the user: their needs and their context. We focus on engineering the highest level of engagement and satisfaction from a product. 

Tools:  User Research, User Experience, Design Thinking, Customer Journey, Rapid Prototypes.

Product Management

We focus on achieving faster business outcomes and cutting software development costs; aligning objectives with data and feedback.

Tools: Job to be Done, Lean Startup, Dual Track Agile, Roadmap, OKR, Recruiting.

Product Marketing

We focus on introducing new products to new markets, leveraging distribution channels and partnerships and generating consumer hype.

Tools: Business Model Canvas, Growth Hacking, Lifecycle Strategy, International Roll Out.


Human and Machine LABS

The six days programme is designed to accelerate the professional growth of teams embedded within companies with a digital transformation path.

DNN, Decentralized News Network

DNN is a news ecosystem on the Ethereum blockchain. Free information can never be taken down or censored. Providing financial incentives, publishing infrastructure, fact checking and decentralised governance to journalist, developer and society.

Mana, Community Exchange System

Mobile application on Ethereum blockchain. Mana is a real time marketplace, a live chat application, a wallet for Mana tokens and a distribution infrastructure for universal basic income (UBI). Incentivising trade across more than 485 exchange communities worldwide. 

Jesus, conversational application

AI assistant to track goals and build positive habits.

Pathlearn, learning chatbot

Mobile application to use spaced repetition to improve your long term memory.


Dario D'Aprile

Dario is the owner of Human and Machine ltd. Over the past 15 years Dario implemented innovation programmes for National Geographic, News International and Adobe, and brought early stage startups to profitability and international markets. His browser, mobile and TV applications have been used by over 800 million people worldwide: this has led to him receiving over 20 creative awards, including a W3 award and a Grammy.

Jon Webb

Jon is a product focused, commercially aware technical leader with a proven track record of fostering cross department and team collaboration leading to productivity increases of up to 3x. A key member of a team credited in Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 2012 annual letter with making an impact in the EdTech industry.

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